Mozambique Safaris

  • Destination: Mozambique

From the overgrown outposts of Portuguese outposts along the mighty Zambezi to the ancient, mysterious Mwenu Mutapa Kingdom and the enchanting and unique Mozambique Isand, Mozambique offers an enticing and fascinating blend of cultures.

Arab dhows and modern speedboats crisscross the translucent tropical waters of a coral-fringed coastline, where scuba-diving opportunities rival the world’s best. One of the lasting legacies of Portuguese and Arab traders and colonists are the colourful settlements found along the coast. Maputo, Inhambane, Beira, Quelimane and Pemba display a variety of architectural styles- form Manueline to gaudy 1930’s-insprired Art Deco. So far, fortune –seekers have failed in their quest to find the legendary mines of King Solomon, said to contain hoards of gold, yet the stunning diversity of coastal, riverine, mountain and forest environments are Mozambique’s real treasure trove- home to a splendid array of fauna and flora, interspersed with traditional villages.

Mozambique Hidden Island Experience – see below for an example of a Itinerary

  • L (lunch), B (brunch), D (dinner)

Day 1

Jozi-Maputo      (L , D )

We depart from Jozi/Pretoria to Maputo. Cross the border at Ressano Garcia –Komatipoort. We arrive in Maputo that afternoon where you have time to explore this city with her historical landmarks, Portuguese architecture and African markets. We enjoy lunch in one of the “main street cafés” (included) in this vibrant city. Tonight we pitch camp on the coast about 35 km north of Maputo at Costa do Sol. Next to the fire we enjoy a glass of rum, a local beer or a smooth red wine. A tasty evening meal is served. Logwood burning through the night.

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Day 2

Costa-Beline     B , D

Early morning we depart to Praia do Beline. Beline is a little settlement surrounded by a inland salt lake which is constantly fed by a narrow lagoon mouth. The water at Beline is crystal clear and snorkeling is an excursion that has to be considered (optional). At Beline there are various water sports to choose from. The evening we camp underneath the Palms at Laguna Camp Beach Camp which is 10 km from Beline only accessible with 4×4’s, which we do have. We enjoy the sun, sea and the lovely company.

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Day 3

Beline-Tofo     L , D

We depart early morning to Tofo. We look forward to three exciting days in Praia do Tofo in this multi-cultural gem coastal town. I pitch up tent at Fatima’s Backpackers and prepare lunch while you explore the town, relax in hammock with a cocktail or ferret out where the party is to be this evening.

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Day 4 & 5

Tofo     B, D

These two days are in your hands, except for the meals of course. Various exciting excursions are to your disposal among others the opportunity to snorkel/dive with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world, and sea tortoises (optional). You can go for a surf, explore Tofo Market, deep sea fishing (optional) or just relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand (most probably with the persons you met last night!!). On one of these days we all visit one of the local family’s homestead to learn more about the unique Mozambican traditions and culture and where we also will pay our respects (included).

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Day 6

Tofo-Vilankulo     B, D

Early morning ,once again, we depart to Vilankulo a further 350 km north up the coast with the Hidden Island almost at our reach. This evening is a very unique and exclusive experience where we will enjoy a Mozambican seafood buffet with my local friends at there home (inclusive) in Vilankulo. We converse with excitement about the Hidden Island Experience which will commence that following day.

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Days 7 & 8

Hidden Island Experience   L, D

We pack the Dhows with the supplies and all equipment. It will be two days before we return to the mainland. Today we explore one or two of the Bazaruto Islands with their expansive coral reefs and paradise type beaches. We snorkel at the famous Two Mile reefand enjoy lunch on one of the islands before we are transported to our Hidden Island, Three Tree Island, where we will spend two nights. The following day (Day 8) we explore another island with its coral reefs and small community who stays on the island. We enjoy each others’ presence and beauty of nature which surrounds us! This is truly an experience of a life time!!   .

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Day 9

Vilankulo  B, D

We return back from the island to Vilankulo on the mainland, sleep comfortable in one of the backpackers, take a warm shower en contemplate the experience we just had. Enjoy the relaxed feel of the backpackers or go on the prowl for a livelier bar/shebien/restaurant or disco in town..

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Day 10

Tofo  B, D

We depart from Vilankulo and return down south in the direction of Inhambane and Tofo. We are in no hurry ( well you can’t be because of the size of the potholes!) and we stop next to road whenever we feel like it. We linger a while in the town of Inhambane and visit its market and other interesting shops before we spend our last night in Tofo and in Mozambique for that matter. Tonight we camp at Bamboozi the other camp site and backpackers in Tofo. We enjoy ‘n lovely festive spread at sundown and indulge ourselves in the festivity and beauty of nature of  Tofo once again.

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Day 11

Homeward  L

We return back home to lovely South Africa with hundreds of photo’s, unreal memories, a new understanding of intimate friendship and a unquenchable love for Africa and its people- oh yes and with a bottle of cheap rum, a pack of roasted cashew nuts, a few coconuts, a straw hat and a pansy shell!!.

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