Mobile Tented Safaris

Luxury & Private Safaris

fleetfoot_safaris_mobile_tentA Mobile Camping Safari offers a taste of Africa in the old tradition. You might travel off the beaten track away from the main stream tourist flow, enjoying more privacy and the thrill of open air life in the African bush.

Some say that this is the only way, not only to see, but, to experience the African Savannah! This type of safari is private and exclusive for up to 4 persons only. Dome style tents (3mx3m) are used, giving you plenty of space. Each couple has its own hot water shower. Toilets are portable chemical type and they do flush! Camp beds are made up with mattresses, bed-linen, duvet and pillows! Authentic canvas chairs, wash basin and towels are provided. Mobile tented safaris are, generally speaking, more expensive than the equivalent itineraries staying in lodges. However, it is really a special experience! Fleet Foot errects up the Camp and the Mobile camp moves every 2 to 3 days with Lodge accommodation in-between. Clients are driven by fully qualified guides and the main objective is to enjoy wildlife during game drives to its fullest. The 3-4 course menus are tasteful and the bush chef treats the client with mouth-watering meals. All drinks are inclusive and ice-cold.

Comfortable Safaris

This type of safari is basically the same as the mobile tented safaris but small groups up to 12 are accommodated. Fleet Foot supplies fully equipped vehicles for 4 persons per vehicle, however the client may prefer to use his own. The mobile camp is set up in advance by an up-front logistics team and on arrival guests are welcomed with an ice-cold drink. Roof-Top tents instead of dome style (3mx3m)ground tents could be offered, if the client prefers. The shared ablution facilities are secured with hot-water showers and pit-latrines. All drinks are inclusive (no spirits, but the client may bring along his own).

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Self-Drive Safaris

Fully Catered & Guided

fleetfoot_safaris_self_driveFleet Foot offers a set-out itinerary and supplies all vehicles and equipment, however the client has the option to use his/her own vehicle. Vehicles are comfortable and if the terrain requires, fully off-road & 4×4. Roof-Top tents or 3mx3m ground tents are supplied with camp beds and mattress, all accommodated with bed-linen and duvets. Fleet Foot provides the guide/driver and bush chef. The menu is well-planned and caters for all tastes and drinks are inclusive (no spirits supplied, but the client may take his/her own). A single guide does not necessarily accompany you all the way, as you go on game-drives and other activities (such as mokoro rides or foot safaris) with knowledgeable local guides. Accommodation is tasteful and usually a combination of Mobile Tented camp, lodge, hotel, huts or bungalows. The client can chose a selection of excursions that Fleet Foot can pre-book.

Non-Catered & Guided

The client travels the safari with his own itinerary but here Fleet Foot will assist with logistics and planning or even provide the client with a workable itinerary. Driver/guides are available to rent. The client uses his own vehicle and equipment or may rent Fleet Foot’s fully equipped 4×4 vehicles and off-road Trailers, Motorhomes, Mini-busses or any other sedan vehicle. Reservations for accommodation and excursions could also be done by Fleet Foot.

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Custom-Made Safaris

Guided or non-guided

fleetfoot_safaris_customFleet Foot’s can design your own itinerary and excursions and the benefit is that all the organisation is left to us. We know where to go, when to go, how to go, what to take and why you would like to go with us guiding the trip. We take your budget in consideration and then offer the most suitable package. Customers tell us what they eat and what they drink and have the choice to take their own. In this case clients may also just rent a driver/guide and bush chef. Reservations for accommodation and excursions can be done by Fleet Foot or by the client himself. Fleet Foot also offers a workable itinerary and can assist with reservations for accommodation, Parks Entrance fees, car rentals, flight tickets, arrangements and excursions fees.

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Overland & Budget Safaris


Southern Africa’s ultimate safari is the overland adventure and this takes customers across the bush, desert or delta in customized 4×4 vehicles or Overland trucks. 4 Or more clients travel per vehicle or in the event of larger groups, overland trucks seating up to 25 people are used. This is a safari of a life time-and travelers’ tales are told around a crackling fire while dark silhouettes move across the skyline at night. Travelers are accommodated in lodges, hotels, huts or bungalows to break the bush experience for a day or two. The client gets the opportunity to fully participate in putting up camp, making fire and help with food preparation. All camping gear and cooking utensils are supplied by Fleet Foot. Meals, guiding and driving by Fleet Foot are inclusive but the client provides his own drinks. Small to to large groups are accommodated

With this type of Safari the option is offered that the client can travel with the group in his own vehicle but will have to supply his own camping equipment (like roof-top tents). Meals, guiding and driving by Fleet Foot are inclusive but the client provides his own drinks. The client has to follow the itinerary for the duration of the trip and put up his own tent and manages his own logistics and back-up. In the event of any emergency Fleet Foot will assist.

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Combo & Other Safaris

fleetfoot_safaris_combo-2Fleet Foot has over the years come across all kinds of Nationalities who require different means of travel and comfort and we know best to advice a particular client to enjoy the ultimate in Africa’s highlights. Combination safaris by Fleet Foot give the client the following options in one single itinerary:

  • Game Drive Safaris within the National Parks of Neighboring countries
  •  Fly-in safaris to remote islands where time is limited
  • Mobile tented camps for some day 
  • Exclusive Lodge and hotel accommodation 

With Fleet Foot’s mobile offices in Namibia and Botswana and our sister Travel companies in neighboring countries we can offer the following shorter excursion safaris:

  • Guided walks in National parks
  • Mokoro (dug-out canoe) safaris in the Delta
  • White Water and River rafting 
  • Horse safaris 
  • Hot Air Balloon safaris 
  • Quad Bike safaris 
  • Birding safaris 
  • Houseboat safaris 


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botswana3Fleet Foot Safaris offers TEAM BUILDING for the smaller company with groups up to 30. Are you a sophisticated group of corporate directors, a funky computer design firm looking to expand your team’s creativity or a group of factory staff blowing off steam in the bush. We’ve got it sorted!

We will work hand-in-hand with the group’s operational marketing person to select the right venue and program. Team building is best when a remote venue is chosen.

Choose from a range of exciting team building activities designed to harmonize, excite, challenge and extend your corporate team while building trust and encouraging efficient working and effective communication channels within and between teams.

We offer a choice of the following :

  • Game viewing and guided game walks in the wild
  • Game track identification on Islands around Chief’s Island in the Delta
  • Birding on foot, per boat or mokoro in the Delta
  • Tree spotting on foot, per boat or mokoro in the Delta
  • Team building
  • Photographic sessions on foot, per boat or mokoro in the Delta
  • Sing-song evenings around a long fire
  • River rafting in the Okavango and White Water Rafting on the Zambezi
  • Adrenalin adventure excursions at the Victoria Falls
  • Nature interpretation expeditions
  • Culture and arts
  • Self-drive and 4×4 off road trips in Botswana’s Parks
  • Potjie-kos “fun competitions”
  • Blind-folded wine tasting
  • “Poling” your own Mokoro
  • Bush menu cooking on open fire
  • Setting up your own camp on the Island
  • Making rope and snares from plants in the area
  • Making papyrus baskets
  • Bots27

  • Discovering the edible & medicinal uses of indigenous plants
  • Make spears, spoons, useful tools, brooms and traditional weapons of the Bayei

  • Food from the bush cooking e.g. wild spinach, edible fruit and berries
  • Finding Animals, birds and insects: a multitude of information!
  • Astronomy and solar scope
  • Motivational speakers offered
  • Personality “fun” identification
  • Group dynamics and conflict management in the work place
  • Eco-Therapy hand-in-hand with Elephant and wild dog behaviour


Exclusive Island in the Okavango Delta close to Chief’s Island
Ngepi Camp in Namibia on the Okavango River
Maramba Camp at the Victoria Falls in Livingstone

Bots30In the Delta each visiting group enjoys a private safari, with exclusive use of the camp with its relaxed, informal atmosphere. The absence of electricity, mobile phone signals and strict schedules allows guests to take advantage of adventures that present themselves at a moment’s notice. The open-air showers and outdoor washbasins allow camp occupants to stare at a million stars, or simply enjoy the vast expanse of pure wilderness, while washing their cares away. Fleet Foot Safaris holds a tented bush camp situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta close to Chief’s Island. Forming part of the greater Moremi Park, there are no artificial barriers, allowing the wildlife to roam free. As a result, there are sightings of lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino, cheetah, crocodile, hippo and a large variety of antelope and bird species, depending the time of the year. Fleet Foot Safaris features 16 Safari bow tents 3mx3mx2.4m set along an exclusive Island under majestic Jackal berry and African Mangostine trees. The tents sleep 2 persons each. Each tent is comfortably furnished with industrial stretchers and a mattress, bed-linen, duvets, and a small table between the two beds. There are bush blution facilities and open-air hot water bush showers fuelled by wood-fires. Bush-style cooking is provided for continental breakfast, brunch and dinner around the fire. Special dietary requirements can be catered for, by prior arrangement. Drinks are included but no spirits. The company is welcome to provide their own.

Option 1 Do-it-yourself Teambuilding

teambuildingTeam building ideas and activity selection of events which involve low key physical activity or as striations as you want allow us to tailor your team building exercise. Our team building exercises are developed around team work, adventure activities, communication skills and team spirit. Let
us customise your team building exercise to compliment your team building conference!

This program is tailor-made and is based on fun activities and adventure in the bush. Each member participate on his/her physically comfort level.

Events are outdoors and designed to improve communication, motivation and leadership. The group has the choice of helping put up camp or may also leave it completely to us. We can propose ideas from our comprehensive list of events, adapt them to suit you or we can come up with something completely new based on the information you provide. Every corporate team building group is different and we specialize in setting the correct tone for your event. “Free time” is offered as often as the group prefers.

This type of safari varies from a couple of days to any amount of days. In the event of a short period of time available for safari, the group must fly-in. For longer periods of time any kind of transport is available by Fleet Foot. The group could also travel in their own vehicle and if 4×4 vehicles are required, Fleet Foot provides that.

Option 2 Professional Team building

Bots37This is an executive team-building program targeting a specific need in the particular business. This is aimed at the senior managers of the business seeking new fresh ideas in an open air venue. Brainstorming sessions with professional life-skills therapist in a “fresh” environment is what we offer.

This program is based on an Eco-therapy experience in the wild. “When a wild dog leaves the pack for a couple of hours and then returns, the rest of the dogs go through an elaborate greeting ritual which serves to reaffirm kinship bonds and cement the group” How can this be applicable in the business sector? How can we learn some valuable life lessons from Elephants? “The Wisdom of Elephants program is aimed at trying to help you understand yourself and others better, regardless of who you are.

You could be a mother or mother-to-be; an exhausted businessman having to make many corporate decisions; a couple wanting more for your partnership; a school leaver asking ‘what next’ or a sportsman wanting to find a better way of being part of a team” “Eco therapy offers us a process of healing, restoration & a return to ancient wisdom by offering participants in corporate wildlife team building adventures the opportunity for self-reflection & confidence as they re-experience their interconnectedness with other species and with each other ”Each member participating in this adventure, experience greater Self-awareness & emotional intelligence.

You will learn not only to fulfill your unique role and individual potential but also the knowledge to know how to fit together as a Team in an intuitive, well-functioning Corporate Community All this is done by carefully selecting the right activities that the group might require


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